Reinvent Yourself with the Grant for Good

Firebelly Design is teaming up with other media organizations in Chicago to offer a full-scale, bottom to top marketing reinvention for nonprofits called the Grant for Good.  Whether your nonprofit is in need of a full makeover or has finally reached the point where you’re ready for an all out, professional marketing strategy; take note!  The Grant for Good will provide operational and product support including strategy and development consulting, web design, photography, event planning, and social media strategies.

Why is marketing important to nonprofits?  It supports everything a nonprofit does.  Marketing helps raise awareness of whatever issues you address, helps recruit and engage volunteers, donors, board members, and employees; and creates a reputation for your organization.   Even if you don’t think you’re in a position to create a marketing divison, creating a strategy through the Grant for Good can be the foundation for building a consistent and effect marketing plan ready for growth when you are.

What is a marketing strategy and organizational development really about?  Through the Grant for Good, a team of media and consulting experts will help you set out a plan for executing a sustainable marketing strategy.  This includes both building your organization’s capacity and clarifying your audience, message, mediums, and material to carry out your strategy.   According to Shannon Downey with Pivotal Production who spoke from the Grant for Good team, “One of the benefits of the grant is that not only do they receive the services, but they also learn the value and gain insight into how to continue this into the future. The Grant for Good is intended to be a long term sustainable opportunity, not just a short fix.”

What would you ultimately get out of this?  It depends on what you need.  Mrs. Downey continued, “This could be everything from board member retention and fundraising to brand message and marketing strategy. We believe they are all linked and inform each other. This is why we have created such a dynamic team of do-gooders. The organization can expect a total makeover. Copy development, photography, logo and brand identity, non-traditional marketing and social media, event production, storytelling videos, website development and an overall redesign of all of their materials in conjunction with the organizational tools they will receive.”

Who should apply? Any 501(c)(3) nonprofit within 50 miles of Chicago (some exception made) with a $100k to $1 Million budget can apply.  The best applications will be those expressing a commitment to investing in marketing and who just need help getting there.

Applications can be found on the Grant for Good website and are due on December 3rd.